Meet Ania

I come from a small village in Poland, where going out to restaurants has always been a rarity – only reserved for a special occasion. 

I grew up in a house where food has always been cooked from scratch. The aroma of my mum’s cooking filled the whole house with love and passion. I always enjoyed cooking but never truly understood what it actually feels like to cook for your family, until I started my own 

My all-time favourites are Pierogi, Gulasz, golabki, chicken soup, and tomato soup. I would often watch my mum making those, and absorb her knowledge, care and love she placed in them. It just felt like magic! She taught me how to cook without even realising it.

I believe that cooking at home is simply in our blood 

When people ask me what is my passion, I can proudly say that I have a passion for cooking, and spreading love and joy through my dishes.