Polish Pierogi


Chicken & Chorizo

Chicken & Chorizo-these are my own Pierogi recipe. I just love chorizo, so I’ve decided to turn it into my favourite dish, and so I used lot’s of chorizo, mixed with roast chicken and a bit of potatoes.

(ALLERGENS - wheat, gluten)


Sauerkraut & Mushroom

Sauerkraut & Mushroom-the most traditional Pierogi, a must have on Polish Christmas dinner list. Perfect for vegetarians. Simply dough filled with sauerkraut and fried mushrooms and onions. Very delightful. Don’t be put off by the sauerkraut- They are really yummy, worth a try.

(ALLERGENS - wheat, gluten)


Ruskie Pierogi

Ruskie- Cottage cheese, potato & onion filled dough.

Perfect accompanied with sour cream or fried onions/fried bacon. They are seriously delicious and full of flavour.

(ALLERGENS - wheat, gluten, milk)


Spinach & Feta

Spinach & Feta- If you think you don’t like Spinach- think again! This combination of Spinach and Feta is just mouthwatering!

(ALLERGENS - wheat, gluten, milk)

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Apple & Cinnamon

Apple & Cinnamon- what can I say? Just pure happiness on the plate.

Perfect fried in a bit of butter and served with cinnamon cream. Yumm!

(ALLERGENS - wheat, gluten)

Heartwarming Soups


The Smokey One

Smoked Sausage & Sauerkraut Soup


The Lush One

Traditional Beef Goulash


The Warming One

Butternut Squash and Ginger

A bit of history about Pierogi: 

In Poland, we've been making these since the 13th century, however the word Pierogi first appeared in literature in the second half of the 17th century, which is when the first Polish cookbooks were published. 

In many parts of Poland, the most popular Pierogi are called “Ruskie Pierogi”(potato & cheese). The name suggests that they are called “Russian Pierogi”, however don’t be fooled, they are not!

Even Russian people have never heard of that. The actual translation is “Ruthenian Pierogi”, which suggests that they come from the part of the country that is called Red Ruthenia, former part of Poland. Currently part of Ukraine.

I invite you to try all different flavours as they are all so different from each other and they will no doubt make you fall in love with them


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